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Our Marketing

concept :

The commercial Net surfer seeks: who can provide me ?, or where can I sell my product ?

He seeks in a specialized guide (with many headings) which offer the "up to date" information.

On Internet the update is practically immediate thanks to our "dynamic database".

It's also necessary to be able to seek in a localization. One will seek a close contact, the other will seek further. A product research can be done for a specific product or a product sector.

Example: the smoked eel (level 3) or all the smoked products (including eel) (level 2)

We offer the combination of a product with a localization (advanced research).


Our experience proves that a commercial agent is not satisfied with only an @address, this is why we

make it possible to add the postal address, fax, tel, name of person in charge, etc.

What can it help to find an address if this company does not have the structure to import or export?

With the insertion case "comments" you mention offers or demands, of which countries or towards where.

The Webcam mention specifies if you can telephone to an address free of costs.

The link WWW towards your site (or a special page on our premises) makes it possible to give further details.

All that is managed by each member and free for the first indications.



research :

Description of productpages & localisations

Research is done on 2 or 3 levels: .

Level 1 of the products relates to the great sectors such as the fresh fish, frozen, aquaculture, value

added fish, shellfish, etc. The localization "level 1" relates to the large countries around us in Europe,

the USA & Canada, Asia, South America and all other countries.

We go up in precision with more details on level 2 and sometimes still a level 3

If you open a research only on one product, the result is likely to be unusable in consequence of too

many indications. Start with level 2 except if you know that for such, or a such other product, there

should not be many addresses. Examples: sea urchins, Razor shells, smoked mussels, etc..


Registration with

the application form :

Seek initially if you are already pre registered; in this case ask us a password to adapt your data.

So not, fill out the application form by indicating on the end of the document a name which must be an

@mailaddress and a password which you choose (and note it good, to be able to modify your information)

You can also fill out a new application form (but inform us in order to withdraw the old one). . 


Payable marketing

We ask for a share in our expenses for:

The publication of more than 6 mentions of products. (in more of your free mentions).

The opening of the link towards your Web site or the Web pages by us (standard personal pages)

The publication of your comment box.

The publication of a special page related to the case of comment.

The publication of your logo on all the pages of Fishroute..

= option for PAYABLE additional publication





By each visited Website you see the traffic rank on Internet


We wish you a good marketingroute .